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Sitemap Generator for Google

In our previous article we tole you that "what is sitemap?" and how they are important for your website performance and ranking and now we told you that

How you can generate xml sitemap for Google with xml generator tool??

"XML sitemap Generator" is easy tool by which you can easily create XML sitemap and you need not write the entire code yourself. So now we starting with the "sitemap generator" tool guideline help is an free and very powerful "xml sitemap generator" tool which can create really fast and most appropriate "sitemaps for Google". First go on to the and you will found a form their on home page its self and looks like as below form on the right hand site.
xml sitemap generator for google sitemap generato

Now be care full while filling  the first field in the form this form will treat and differently. 

So be careful and check that your website is with "WWW" or with out it. 

Now we move to the next field i.e. "Change Frequency". If you are not changing the content of your website then leave this field as it is otherwise changed it to daily/weekly/monthly or yearly on basis of how often you change your website content. However we recommend change it to weekly whether you are going to change your website content or not.

Now next field i.e "Last modified". In this field you can use the current time & date since search engine will crawl all of your website page again and indexed them.

Now the last field "Priority" leave the field as it is. On web a page have the priority between 0.0 to 1.0 & by default a page priority is 0.5. When you leave priority 0.5 it will leave the field as it is & when crawler comes on your website for crawl process it will automatically increase the priority depending on the content of your page.

Now check your settings in the above fields & click start. It will take time and start building the sitemap for your website.  Time taken to complete the sitemap will depend on the number of pages your website have.

As building is finished a link will comes. Click on that link and now you can download sitemap for your website.

Hope this article will help you in creating the "xml sitemap for your website". Read our next for to know how to "submit sitemaps on Google" or other search engine.

What is Sitemap Generator Google Sitemap for Google Sitemaps for Google

What is Sitemap ??

In very simple words a "sitemap" is a collection of all pages of your website which usually webmasters put on their websites to tell search engines about the pages under their websites. It is depend on webmaster that he/she wants to include all the pages or can also submit that pages only which he/she want to be index in search engines.

Their are commonly two types of sitemaps :- 

1.) HTML Sitemaps
2.) XML Sitemaps

What are HTML sitemaps??

HTML sitemaps: A "html sitemap" is a html page which contains all or webmaster defined html links for the websites. They submit this webpage to search engines instead of submitting the single pages.

What are XML sitemaps??

XML sitemaps:- You can call "XML sitemap" as an advance version of HTML sitemaps. A XML site map is also a collection of all or webmasters defined webpages in XML with some additional information (meta tags) to tell the search engines about particular page so that search engine can crawl the webpage more smartly.

Why Sitemaps are important?

Sitemaps are very important if you had recently created some blog or website since at the beginning stage all you webpages are not properly linked. If you are having a sitemap and when you submit that sitemap to search engine the robot will crawl all that pages whether the linking is not between them.  So if you sitemap is indexed by any search engine that's mean all pages present in that sitemap is crawled by search engine.

What Google says about "sitemaps" : why they are so important ??

1.) You website may have some pages which are not easily accessed by Googlebot (Google Crawler) during the crawl process. For example - AJAX & Flash pages.

2.) May be your website is new and pages on your websites are not properly linked with each other in that case sitemaps are important since during crawl process crawler moves from one page to another link page and if all the links on same page then it is very easy for the crawler.

3.) Your website may have large numbers of archive pages which are not properly linked with each other.

4.) We prefer the "XML sitemap" since XML sitemap contains some additional meta tag including when the page last modified and how frequently the particular page changes so that Google can re-index that page and avoid the duplicate content which helps you in improving your page ranking.

For more information that how to generate xml sitemap and how to submit the xml sitemaps to the search engine.

Sitemap for Blogger Sitemap for Blogspot Sitemap What is Sitemap

Sitemap for blogger

Hello Readers!

We believe that our articles are helping you to improve your site ranking and helping you in SEO also. Today we explain "How to generate a site map?" and "How to submit a sitemap?"

How to "generate sitemap for blogger or blog or blogspot"??

It is very easy to generate a site map for your blog or for your website. You can generate your website for manually for automatically.

For automatic sitemaps. Please go on the go on the below site and submit your site to generate sitemap. It will take fraction of second and generate sitemaps for your blog or blogspot or blogger.

Sitemap Generator :-

the above website will generate sitemaps in following formats :-




OR if your site is having more than 500 pages then for every 500 pages it will give a seprate sitemap




ans so on.....for every 500 pages.....

Now we move to the next section of this article 

How to "submit the sitemaps to blogger or blog or blogspot?"

You can submit the sitemaps in two ways :-

"Submitting sitemaps for blog from your blogger"  

1.) From you blogger : Below are the steps to submit sitemaps right from your blogger

(a) Log in to your blogger account>>>>then "your dashboard" >>>>>then "SETTINGS" >>>>> then search preferences

(b) Now custom robotos.txt >>>> click "edit" and add the above generate code in site map as suggested below :-

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


RED colour part is already their you just place your sitemap link after the Allow:/

(c) Now save it and exit. You are done now when google bot will come on you site it will read your site map and index it. You are done with 1st method if you want you can go with 2nd option also.


 "Submitting sitemaps for blog from the webmaster tool"

We believe that most of the webmaster don't have the webmaster account with google we recommend that please create an account with webmaster tool. You and create your account on

After creating an account on webmaster tool. Log in to webmaster tool

(a) Click on your site then click on "Optimization" then click "Sitemaps" on left hand site pane

(b) If you had not  submitted any sitemaps in past then it will show that no sitemap here. Now you can submit your sitemap. On top of right site site a button will come "add/test sitemaps" click on that button then a pop-up will come.

It already shows

you have to enter the following in the box and hit submit sitemap

atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500  (if you have up to 500 pages)

atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=5011&max-results=500 (if you have more than 500 pages up to 1000)

Now you can immediately see that how much page you have submit to google and then status also "Pending" or "Indexed".

It will approx take 48 Hrs to indexed all your pages.

You are done now.

We request you to please share this post to help others also.

What is Google Adsense adsen se adsen adsens a dsense

What is Google Adsense ??
New people usually called adsen se or adsens or adsen or google adsens or adsense ads or what is google adsense or adsense or adsense google or google ads in google or ad sense or ad words or ads by google. But we want to clarify you that actually it is "ADSENSE" and usually it is known as "GOOGLE ADSENSE"

Now we come to your questions :- 

1.) What is google adsense?? 
2.) How to create account on google adsense??
3.) How to make money with adsense??   "OR"    How we can earn from adsense??

What is google adsense

AdSense is trademark of Google Inc. and usually jointly called as Google Adsense. Google adsense is a free program that allow the online publishers with some website to earn revenue/money by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content. Any body with a website & having traffic can sign up for google adsense.

Google Adsense account can be registered on the individual name or on some company name. Now the question come that how to create an google adsense account.

How to create account on Google Adsense

After reading about adsense we are sure that you want to sign up for adsense account for sure so it is very important to read this post which helps you in successful approval of adsense account.

First of all we want to tell you that there is no short cut to approve an adsense account. Previously their are some hack from that people used to get account approval instantly.

Now Google had adopted a two step verification for account approval so it is very necessary to strictly follow the google terms and condition and quality guidlince.

If you want to read about eligibility criteria for adsense account approval in details,  please read THIS POST !

After reading this above post you can check that you meet the above criteria or not. if something is left complete that 1st and then apply for google adsense from the below link 

First step: After sign-up on google adsense you will receive a mail within 2-4 hrs with a confirmation that they had checked your website and your website is meeting their criteria but please note that is 1st step and almost 99% sign-up will pass this step.

Second Step: This step more critical and only 20%-30% application is approved by google adsense based on their quality standard and your website content. Read this post to be successful in second step also.

How to make money with adsense??   "OR"    How we can earn from adsense??

We hope that your account is approved and soon you also start earning money from google adsense. To earn money from adsense it is very important that your webpage ranking is good and you website have good and original content so that they show your website on top in search result.

It is very important to be on top in search results since only search engine is the only place from where you can get the free and genuine traffic.

Google adsense will pay only when visitors will visit your site or click on some adds. Their is some amount when you get 1000 page impression and their is separate amount on click of adds.

Beware!! We want to warn you if you are thinking for doing fraud and thinking that you yourself click on some adds to earn money then we advice you to not even think about this in your dream also. Google use the DART COOKIES when some visitor click on the adds. They will track that visitors come from which county, what is the reference page, where it go after click and many more things. 

If Google found that the click is fraud they may also disable your google adsense account and earned money will be returned to the advertisers back.

We hope above article will help you in approval and earning from the adsense account.


Adsense Privacy Policy For Google Adsense Privacy Policy Google

What is privacy policy and why it is required for adsense approval ??

People who are new and recently made their website and want approval for the Google adsense account then they must have a privacy policy page as per the latest Google privacy policy guideline and update terms and condition. Also please note that it is must that these policy must have the information about the Google Double Click DART Cookies.

Publisher who are old and maintaining a website also required to update their privacy policy to mentioned about the double click DART cookies.

Privacy Policy

Today, It is required to publish a Privacy Policy for a company to inform customers with details that how the company keeps their information private and how the information is shared and why it is collected. Most Privacy Policies also explain how customers can request removal of their names and particulars from promotional mailing lists.

Please download free sample of privacy policy format for adsense from below link and read the instruction below in red color to made it for your website.

If your are maintaining a blog on any of the website either on Google/Wordpress or any other website, create a post in the back date. After publishing the post copy the post link and make a link on your home page of add the link in to the footer. It is must so that Google can easily check your website Privacy Policy.

If your are maintaining a website and have hosting the create a page and make a link to your home page or at the footer.

What is Google Double Dart Cookies Double Click DART Cookies Google Adsense

First we want to tell you that their are two things one is double click and second is DART cookies and jointly made the Double Click DART Cookies.

Double Click

DoubleClick is the ad technology foundation of Google to create, transact, and manage digital advertising for the world's buyers, creators and sellers. You can read more about DoubleClick at :-

DART Cookies

The DoubleClick DART cookie is used by Google in the ads served on publisher websites displaying AdSense for content ads. When users visit an AdSense publisher’s website and either view or click on an ad, a cookie may be dropped on that end user’s browser. The data gathered from these cookies will be used to help AdSense publishers better serve and manage the ads on their site(s) and across the web. Users may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy."

A cookie is a snippet of text that is sent from a website’s servers and stored on a web browser. Like most websites and search engines, Google uses cookies in order to provide a better user experience and to serve relevant ads. 

Google uses the DoubleClick cookie on AdSense sites, partner sites and certain Google services to serve more relevant ads across the web and limit the number of times a given ad is shown to you. When you visit a website, view an ad, or click an ad supported by Google’s advertising services, we may set a cookie on your browser. This advertising cookie will appear in your browser as coming from the domain “” or from the domain of the site you are visiting. 

When the cookie is set on your browser, it allows Google to gather information about your browser’s interaction with a given ad. This information gets recorded in a log that looks something like this: 

time: 06/Aug/2008 12:01:32
ad_placement_id: 105
ad_id: 1003
userid: 0000000000000001
referral_url: ""

The “time” field reflects the time the ad was displayed. The “ad placement id” and “ad id” identify the advertising campaign and the specific ad served. The “userid” is the display ad cookie that identifies the browser. The “client IP” reflects the user’s Internet Protocol (IP) address. A “referral URL” indicates the URL of the page where the ad was served. Our logs also record whether a user’s browser clicks or interacts with an ad.

This information helps Google deliver ads that are relevant to your interests, control the number of times you see a given ad, and measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Anyone who prefers not to see ads with this level of relevance can opt out. This opt-out will be specific only to the browser that you are using when you click the “Opt out” button. 

Google Adsense Pin not Received Pin Verifcation Alternative Methods

Now a great news for you all you can now not only request to reissue your adsense pin, you can also verify your account with scan copy of your government issued id card or scan copy of your passport.

New Adsense publisher may face thise issue that they are not receiving the adsense verification pin since google sent the the pin though normal post to verify the address in your adsense publisher account.

Some times due to bad postal service in your local area or territory you are not able to received the pin even after requesting the pin more than once. Below is the link on which you can request a pin moreover you can attached the scan copy of your government issued id card so that google will removed pin verification hold from your account.

Google send the pin only for address verification and when you attached you government id card they can verify it from your ID card or from your passport copy.

Please note that address on your government ID card must match the same what you had filled in your adsense account. If both are different then please change the address in your adsense account and when hold is removed then you can easily change the adsense address to your present addess.  

You can also verify your address by attaching a scan file of any government issued id card or passport. In that case Google will not send a new pin an remove the hold from your account due to the pin verification.

We request you that if above post help you in some extent then please leave a comment to serve you better and also other adsense publishers.

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How to Contact Adsense Support When Adds Not Showing on Site

How to contact adsense, contacting adsense about not seeing ads, ads are not available on my site, contact form to contact adsense, adsense contact form, adsense help

Problem with you site / Not able to see adds on sites/ Adds are not coming on My side/ adds are not available on your side.

You have problem with the adds on your site. Need Not to worry. if you have checked all the things like. your code is OK.

You account is not disable and active.

Your account is approved more than 24 hrs.

You code is on your website for more than 24 hrs.

If all the above things are in order. please go to the below link and directly contact adsense to do a investigation.

Where to Get an Email Address Free Email Account for Anonymous

Where to get an email address or free email account

New people on internet find difficultly to get and email address and question is where to get an email address, where I can get an email address, How to get an email account, how to get an email address free, where to get email account, how do you get an email address so no need to worry about these questions now. In below article we will explain you that how and where to get an email address and we also tell you that which service provider is good and what additional features they provide. 

If your want free email for your business please read our Post:-

Free Email Account for domain name 

There are many free and globally know email service providers which provide the free email address to send & receive mail, for chat, file storage, storage of family and personal pictures, to automatic scheduler and many more things. We are providing the some service provider below to get a free email account. Below names are in order of preference from our site. However it will depends on the user which service they like and which service is popular in their area.

1.) Google:- for sign-up on Gmail log in to :- 

Click on sign-up link fill the form and you are ready to send and receive the mail.

Google is popular service provider among the various service providers since the same e-mail account can be used to send and receive email, for chatting, for storage of system files and also for storage personal & family pictures, for making blogs, google plus account, face book account, you tube account and many more. Google is adding the services day by day and become popular among all service providers.

2.) Yahoo:- for sign up on yahoo please log in on:-

Click on sign-up link fill the simple form and you are ready to send and receive the mail.

yahoo is also a popular service provider among the various service providers since the same e-mail account can be used to send and receive email, for chatting, face book account and many more.

3.) MSN/BING:- for sign up on hotmail please log in on:-

Click on sign-up link fill the simple form and you are ready to send and receive the mail.

Hotmail is also a popular service provider among the various service providers since the same e-mail account can be used to send and receive email, for chatting, face book account and many more.

We hope above article will help you in getting an email address and email account.