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How to Increase your Blog Blogger Blogspot SEO score?

SEO for Blogger or Blogspot SEO is very easy task and it can be done by few simple things while creating the blogger post.

For Blogger SEO remember that you can done almost 50% Search Engine Optimization while creating a post for your blogger. Few things if you do you can get a high SEO score in search engine ranking which ultimately increase your page ranking.

Before start of the search engine optimization, we advice you to please check your search engine optimization score on any or all of the following website so that after applying our tricks you can see how much score you have incraesed.

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Check you Blogger SEO score at following sites:-


After Checking your optimization score we now start with the Search engine optimization of your blog. See the step by step search engine optimization for your blog:- 

1.) SEO with the your post title 

Title of a post is very important for the search engine optimization. Most of the search engine will read only first 69 characters of title including space and special characters.

Google the search God only read 65 character including the space and special character. So check your home page & each individual page title and if it is more than 65 characters them make it fit in 65 characters.

Yes, most of the people will say that search engine will automatically trim the post title and its true also. But if search engine trims your post title it will score you low also so better that you make the title in such a way that it best suits for each search engine and specially to google, yahoo & bing since they are the major search engine all over the world.

Most of the search engine will show the title in blue color and it is also most important that your title is keywords rich title.  

2.)  SEO for Blogger with customize permalink


Blogspot SEO is also depend on the permalinks and a good permalink will play an import part to bring you contact higher in search engine ranking.

For example :-

You can customize the part in red color and try to fit the keywords related to your post. In blogger the red color permalink will generate automatically and accordingly with you post title.

For customize permalink you log in to instead of After log in to draft blogger you can see a customize permalink section their to choose you link.

For more information abut permalink read the post :- How to add customize permalinks to blogger post. 

3.) Description meta tag for Each Blogger Post Separately


Add description to each post while creating the post. Description will come at the right hand pane while creating the post. And is always below the permalink and location section.

If you are not able to find the description their then you have to enable the description from the settings of you dashboard. 

First enable the description from the Settings>>Search preference>>> meta tags>>>>description

Then click on edit and enter description for your blog. Now you can edit any of your previous post and you will see a description icon at each post.

Fill the description for each post to get the high ranking in blogger.

4.) Use Google Webmaster and Bing Webmaster 


Both tools are very essential which always tell you the HTML errors and improvements. URL submission errors and backlinks also.

5.) Quality Backlinks 

This is most critical but very essential. Backlinks will decide the popularity of a website and popular website will get high ranking in the search engines.

It is also essential that what quality of a website giving you the backlinks. If a high ranking website giving you a single back link and you have 100 backlinks from some 0 page rank website then a single link is much much better than the 100 baclink from 0 website.

For creating you can find the do follow blogs from the search engine can post comments along with your website link to get a back link.

For finding the blogger read our post :- How do i find blogs on blogger 



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