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What is Google Adsense ??
New people usually called adsen se or adsens or adsen or google adsens or adsense ads or what is google adsense or adsense or adsense google or google ads in google or ad sense or ad words or ads by google. But we want to clarify you that actually it is "ADSENSE" and usually it is known as "GOOGLE ADSENSE"

Now we come to your questions :- 

1.) What is google adsense?? 
2.) How to create account on google adsense??
3.) How to make money with adsense??   "OR"    How we can earn from adsense??

What is google adsense

AdSense is trademark of Google Inc. and usually jointly called as Google Adsense. Google adsense is a free program that allow the online publishers with some website to earn revenue/money by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content. Any body with a website & having traffic can sign up for google adsense.

Google Adsense account can be registered on the individual name or on some company name. Now the question come that how to create an google adsense account.

How to create account on Google Adsense

After reading about adsense we are sure that you want to sign up for adsense account for sure so it is very important to read this post which helps you in successful approval of adsense account.

First of all we want to tell you that there is no short cut to approve an adsense account. Previously their are some hack from that people used to get account approval instantly.

Now Google had adopted a two step verification for account approval so it is very necessary to strictly follow the google terms and condition and quality guidlince.

If you want to read about eligibility criteria for adsense account approval in details,  please read THIS POST !

After reading this above post you can check that you meet the above criteria or not. if something is left complete that 1st and then apply for google adsense from the below link 

First step: After sign-up on google adsense you will receive a mail within 2-4 hrs with a confirmation that they had checked your website and your website is meeting their criteria but please note that is 1st step and almost 99% sign-up will pass this step.

Second Step: This step more critical and only 20%-30% application is approved by google adsense based on their quality standard and your website content. Read this post to be successful in second step also.

How to make money with adsense??   "OR"    How we can earn from adsense??

We hope that your account is approved and soon you also start earning money from google adsense. To earn money from adsense it is very important that your webpage ranking is good and you website have good and original content so that they show your website on top in search result.

It is very important to be on top in search results since only search engine is the only place from where you can get the free and genuine traffic.

Google adsense will pay only when visitors will visit your site or click on some adds. Their is some amount when you get 1000 page impression and their is separate amount on click of adds.

Beware!! We want to warn you if you are thinking for doing fraud and thinking that you yourself click on some adds to earn money then we advice you to not even think about this in your dream also. Google use the DART COOKIES when some visitor click on the adds. They will track that visitors come from which county, what is the reference page, where it go after click and many more things. 

If Google found that the click is fraud they may also disable your google adsense account and earned money will be returned to the advertisers back.

We hope above article will help you in approval and earning from the adsense account.


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