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What is Sitemap ??

In very simple words a "sitemap" is a collection of all pages of your website which usually webmasters put on their websites to tell search engines about the pages under their websites. It is depend on webmaster that he/she wants to include all the pages or can also submit that pages only which he/she want to be index in search engines.

Their are commonly two types of sitemaps :- 

1.) HTML Sitemaps
2.) XML Sitemaps

What are HTML sitemaps??

HTML sitemaps: A "html sitemap" is a html page which contains all or webmaster defined html links for the websites. They submit this webpage to search engines instead of submitting the single pages.

What are XML sitemaps??

XML sitemaps:- You can call "XML sitemap" as an advance version of HTML sitemaps. A XML site map is also a collection of all or webmasters defined webpages in XML with some additional information (meta tags) to tell the search engines about particular page so that search engine can crawl the webpage more smartly.

Why Sitemaps are important?

Sitemaps are very important if you had recently created some blog or website since at the beginning stage all you webpages are not properly linked. If you are having a sitemap and when you submit that sitemap to search engine the robot will crawl all that pages whether the linking is not between them.  So if you sitemap is indexed by any search engine that's mean all pages present in that sitemap is crawled by search engine.

What Google says about "sitemaps" : why they are so important ??

1.) You website may have some pages which are not easily accessed by Googlebot (Google Crawler) during the crawl process. For example - AJAX & Flash pages.

2.) May be your website is new and pages on your websites are not properly linked with each other in that case sitemaps are important since during crawl process crawler moves from one page to another link page and if all the links on same page then it is very easy for the crawler.

3.) Your website may have large numbers of archive pages which are not properly linked with each other.

4.) We prefer the "XML sitemap" since XML sitemap contains some additional meta tag including when the page last modified and how frequently the particular page changes so that Google can re-index that page and avoid the duplicate content which helps you in improving your page ranking.

For more information that how to generate xml sitemap and how to submit the xml sitemaps to the search engine.

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