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Hello Readers!

We believe that our articles are helping you to improve your site ranking and helping you in SEO also. Today we explain "How to generate a site map?" and "How to submit a sitemap?"

How to "generate sitemap for blogger or blog or blogspot"??

It is very easy to generate a site map for your blog or for your website. You can generate your website for manually for automatically.

For automatic sitemaps. Please go on the go on the below site and submit your site to generate sitemap. It will take fraction of second and generate sitemaps for your blog or blogspot or blogger.

Sitemap Generator :-

the above website will generate sitemaps in following formats :-




OR if your site is having more than 500 pages then for every 500 pages it will give a seprate sitemap




ans so on.....for every 500 pages.....

Now we move to the next section of this article 

How to "submit the sitemaps to blogger or blog or blogspot?"

You can submit the sitemaps in two ways :-

"Submitting sitemaps for blog from your blogger"  

1.) From you blogger : Below are the steps to submit sitemaps right from your blogger

(a) Log in to your blogger account>>>>then "your dashboard" >>>>>then "SETTINGS" >>>>> then search preferences

(b) Now custom robotos.txt >>>> click "edit" and add the above generate code in site map as suggested below :-

User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /


RED colour part is already their you just place your sitemap link after the Allow:/

(c) Now save it and exit. You are done now when google bot will come on you site it will read your site map and index it. You are done with 1st method if you want you can go with 2nd option also.


 "Submitting sitemaps for blog from the webmaster tool"

We believe that most of the webmaster don't have the webmaster account with google we recommend that please create an account with webmaster tool. You and create your account on

After creating an account on webmaster tool. Log in to webmaster tool

(a) Click on your site then click on "Optimization" then click "Sitemaps" on left hand site pane

(b) If you had not  submitted any sitemaps in past then it will show that no sitemap here. Now you can submit your sitemap. On top of right site site a button will come "add/test sitemaps" click on that button then a pop-up will come.

It already shows

you have to enter the following in the box and hit submit sitemap

atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1&max-results=500  (if you have up to 500 pages)

atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=5011&max-results=500 (if you have more than 500 pages up to 1000)

Now you can immediately see that how much page you have submit to google and then status also "Pending" or "Indexed".

It will approx take 48 Hrs to indexed all your pages.

You are done now.

We request you to please share this post to help others also.

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