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What is privacy policy and why it is required for adsense approval ??

People who are new and recently made their website and want approval for the Google adsense account then they must have a privacy policy page as per the latest Google privacy policy guideline and update terms and condition. Also please note that it is must that these policy must have the information about the Google Double Click DART Cookies.

Publisher who are old and maintaining a website also required to update their privacy policy to mentioned about the double click DART cookies.

Privacy Policy

Today, It is required to publish a Privacy Policy for a company to inform customers with details that how the company keeps their information private and how the information is shared and why it is collected. Most Privacy Policies also explain how customers can request removal of their names and particulars from promotional mailing lists.

Please download free sample of privacy policy format for adsense from below link and read the instruction below in red color to made it for your website.

If your are maintaining a blog on any of the website either on Google/Wordpress or any other website, create a post in the back date. After publishing the post copy the post link and make a link on your home page of add the link in to the footer. It is must so that Google can easily check your website Privacy Policy.

If your are maintaining a website and have hosting the create a page and make a link to your home page or at the footer.

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