Deactivate Google Apps for Business free Email Address Downgrade to free

Downgrade or deactivate the Google apps from business to Goggle apps for free

If your trial period of Google Apps for Business is over and you don't want to continue, you can downgrade it to Google Apps for free with keeping the existing user as it is.

Please note that Google Apps can allow maximum 10 users so if you want to downgrade from google apps for business to  google apps for free then you have to delete the additional users and limit the users in to 10 Nos. only.

To downgrade from the google apps for business, please follow the below steps :- 

1.) In order to downgrade login to your dashboard with registered login id and password.

You can sign-n with your Control Panel of your domain which you had created during sign-up with Google apps.

Your Cpanel address is  as

And you email login address is   

please change your domain with your actual domain name followed by .com, .net, .in whatever you have.

If your are not able to login in you control panel or want some assistance of Google apps control panel, Please click below to get instant help from google :-

Google Apps Cpanel Login Help

2.)  After login in to your account click on the Domain settings >>> Subscriptions & Billing

After that click on the Cancel Google Apps for Business
downgrade from google apps for business deactivate
Downgrade from google apps for business deactivate

3.) After click on the Cancel Google Apps for Business a new menu will come to choose from downgrade or delete the Google Apps.

How to delete downgrade google apps for business
How to delete/downgrade google apps for business

Now you can downgrade to Google apps standard edition and also you have the option to delete the google apps for permanently.

Please note that if you delete your google apps account permanently then you have to wait for another 7 days to create your account once again.

For any of the reason if you are not able to downgrade or delete the google apps support link provided their.

You can again upgrade back to google apps for business if you like the services and want some additional services.

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