How to Add Adsense to Wordpress Adding Adsense Code

How to add adsense to wordpress

To Add the adsense code to wordpress blogger is not a difficult task. To add the adsense code in to your wordpress blog see the below steps.

As in blogger you can integrate the adsense account but in wordpress you can't integrate the adsense account. For this you have add the code manually. Follow the steps below to add the code manually :- 

1.) Log in to your google adsense account 

2.) Click on "My Ads" link and then create "New Ads".

3.) Select the size of your adds, customize it and then click on “save and get code”and then copy the code to insert it in to your wordpress blog.

4.) Now Log in to your WordPress dashboard and select the Plugins.

5.) Click on the “Add new” and then type “Quick AdSense” or “Easy AdSense lite” plugin.

6.) Install any of the plugin and activate it in your wordpress blog.

7.) Now go to the "settings" and then select the plugin.

8.) Now paste the code and then select its placement and click on save button.

9.) Now wait for few hours and then ads will start appearing on your blog.

Please read this article to make your blog according to the adsense policy. If you not want that Google will disable you account at-least add Privacy Policy and Contact Us Form on your Blog.

For integration in blogger please read this post.

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  1. Thanks for this. It was really easy to add to my wordpress blog – unlike any other solution. Now if only there were a simple solution to adding adsense to the very bottom…

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