Latest Adsense Account Approval Trick Free Pakistan India Singapore 2012

Adsense Account Approval Trick Free For Pakistan, India, Singapore, Germany, France, Spain, Morocco, Italy, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Greece, Nepal, Bangladesh, Belgium, Poland, Turkey, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Philippines and rest of the world

Latest adsense account approval trick 100% working, fast and reliable trick to get you adsense account very fast and its absolutely free.

Now a days Adsense Account approval is not easy since google started the two steps verification process but by our trick you can easily get you approved your account.

After Approval it is very important to configure it with your blogger or wordpress blog so that adds can start displaying on your blog. We will also explain this in this post

First Step

How to get adsense account approval

Our first aim is to get a adsense account approve and then we see how we can use it with our blogger or wordpress blog:- 

For adsense account approval follow the below steps:- 

1.) Go to Indyarocks from this link.

2.) To get the eligibility to apply adsense account you have to apply the account with your real name and real informtion, set your profile to public, complete your profile minimum 50%, upload your real profile picture and also set it to public.

3.) Now you have to add more pictures minimum 10 more. We recommend add at-least 12 pictures.

4.) You have to post minimum 2 blog having minimum 250 words and their privacy is also set to everyone. To post blog click here.

5.) Now you are eligible for apply an adsense account. You may also check your eligibility and can apply for an adsense account.

Now we believe you got your adsense account very soon. Sometimes this approval process will take more than 2 days also or some times instantly you got your adsense account approved. For more information read our article Indyarocks adsense account approval.

Second Step 

Integration your Adsense Account with Blogger 


1.) Log in to your blogger dashboard account and click on the "Earnings" in the right hand pane.

2.) Now their are to possibilities that you already have an disapproved account their or you never applied for an account. 

3.)  If you had already applied for adsense account and you account is disapproved previously. You see the page like below :- 

Adsense Account Approval Trick Free
Adsense Account Approval Trick Free

4.) Now click on the switch adsense account . If you never applied for adsense account in past you may click on the "Get Started" Button. After clicking on the "Switch Adsense Account" or "Get Started" button you see the same page as shown below.

Best And Fast Adsense Account Approval Trick
Best And Fast Adsense Account Approval Trick

5.) Now fill email address (double check your email account) for adsense account approval with indyarocks, your postal code and last 5 digit of your phone number and click on the "Link This Account".

6.) You will receive a verification email containing a secure link to this account. Verify the Email and wait for few hours and adds will start displaying on your site.

Please read this article to make your blog according to the adsense policy. If you not want that Google will disable you account at-least add Privacy Policy and Contact Us Form on your Blog.

For Integration adsense add on wordpress please read our next post :-

How to use adsense code in wordpress 

Update :- Please note that many users noticed that this trick is currently not working. We advice you to go for adsense alternatives or read another latest trick on our blog for adsense account approval in related post section below. 

You can also go for direct adsense account approval but meeting the following minimum adsense requirement.

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