How to Change Adsense Payee Name Change in India Pakistan Indonesia

How to change payee name for google adsense???

Hello Readers! 

You are here since you want to change the payee name of your Google Adsense account.

If your read the below article carefully and follow the steps mentioned carefully then we strongly believe you can change the payee name of your account.

In the old days (around 2006), to protect Adsense accounts, Google Adsense not allow publishers to manually change their payee names from their accounts.  But if any publisher want to change his/her payee name, they have to fill out a form and then a confirmation email will be sent to them separately once the change is made.

If you're located in one of the following countries, as per Google you won't have the option to update your payee name within your account "Algeria", "Bangladesh", "Brazil", "China", "Egypt", "India", "Indonesia", "Jordan", "Kuwait", "Lebanon", "Libya", "Malaysia", "Morocco", "Nepal", "Oman", "Pakistan", "Palestinian Territory", "Philippines", "Qatar", "Saudi Arabia", "Singapore", "Sri Lanka", "Thailand", "Tunisia", "United Arab Emirates", "Vietnam", "Yemen"

Google says that you don't have option to change payee name that doesn't mean you can't change your payee name. Below I explain you the way to change the payee name but this is only for genuine name change not for the person who want to sell their account to the other person.

For this you have to write a mail to adsense support team that you want to change the payee name. Below are the steps to change the payee name:

1.) Compose a mail to

2.) Keep this subject "change the payee name" and please don't add or delete something in the subject except the words written in "......" above.

3.) Now write your message as indicated below :-

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to change adsense payee name from "old payee name here" to "new payee name here" because of following reasons.....


Your pub id:-- XXXXXXXXXX
Current payee name

Please note that you can change only spelling of your name or payee name to your father/mother/wife name only.  Please mentioned that I also want that my current income also transferred to my new payee name without affecting anything.

For name spelling change you can give a valid reason like I recently change my name from "old" to "new" (for this Google asked for recent government id proof for change the payee name)

For change the name to father/mother/wife name you can give the reason that the domain ownership is changed to my father/mother/wife name or can say that adsense is not approving the account because of duplicate address to please change the address.

4.) Now the final and very important step is this. After sending this mail to Google you may receive the reply within 2-7 working days from the Google. Reply may be with two conclusion:- 

If you are lucky you receive a message like "if you want to change the payee name without closing the account you should send a scan copy of government id card (with photo) which shows you recent payee name or clearly identify the relation like your father name/mother name or spouse name" 

Then send them one or two this type of ID proof and they will change the payee name manually and let you know through email when they change.

If you are not lucky you receive a message like "this is not possible to change the payee name and you should 1st close your account and then apply for new one." 

Then we also recommend you that reply the same mail with scan copy of ID proof and request them to change the payee name.

5.) If, once your payee name changed then you have to select the method of payment once again and you have to check that there is no hold for payment. In this case google will not send the PIN for verification again so need not be worry about pin verification.

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Others ways to contact adsense are below :- 

Prior to moving forward with this process, you should also be aware:
  • AdSense accounts cannot be transferred or sold per google Program Policies. Google will not be able to update your payee name if this is the case.
  • You will not be able to change your payee name if you already have another AdSense account under that name.
  • Once we've updated your information, please be aware that you'll need to re-enter your tax information and form of payment.
  • If you've received a payment to the old payee name you cannot deposit, you'll need to request a reissue here after the 25th of the month following your payment.
  • Google start processing payments on the 16th of each month. If you're scheduled to receive a payment this month and your account is updated after the 16th, your payment will be issued to your old name.


  1. It is possible to change blog name and retain my ads?

  2. Yes you can change the blog name by going to Settings >> Basic >> Publishing and check for the available names you want....

    please note that if your blogger have some previous rank it will be lost...