Add Contact Form to Blogger Contact Form Generator for Blogger

Add contact form to blogger contact form generator for blogger for free

In our previous post we tell you that how to generate code for contact form easily. you can read the article how to generate code for contact form to email contact form.

You can also generate the contact form code from the following website also: -

How to add contact form to blogger ?

add contact form for blogger
To generate the code from the above website it is easy now the problem comes how to add this contact form to your blogger. Please follow the below steps to add the contact form to your blogger

1.) log in to your blogger account and click on pages in right pane as shown in the image.

2.) Now select the blank page from the drop down menu from the new page section.

3.) When you select the blank page option do as shown in the below image.

email contact form

4.) In top most field write "Contact Us" or  "Contact"  or what ever you like.

5.) Now click on HTML button as shown in image and add your code just above the </div> tag and press the publish button. Now you are done with adding the code to your HTML.

6.) Now it is the time to show this contact us link on your home page.

7.) Now come back on the pages button as described in Step-1 above and now click "Top Tab" button and choose the "Top Tab" or "Side Link".

8.) Top Tap shows your contact us link on the top of the page and side links shows you contact us link on right or left hand side.

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