MX Record for Google Apps MX Records for Godaddy MX Records Setup

What is MX "A" record and how to set -up MX records for Google apps for Godaddy and other domain name service provider.

MX records setup for Google apps is simple and easy process since new webmasters are not aware about the MX records so they find difficultly to set-up the MX record but after reading this article they become professional and we believe they are able to set-up the MX records for any of the domain service provider including Godaddy.

What are MX records??

Mail Exchange Records (MX Records) in simple language is an exchange resource record in the DNS (Domain Name System) that specifies the responsibility of a domain name server to accept the emails on recipient's Domain. Some time when multiple mail servers are their then a preference valve is defined of each mail server to prioritize or defined priority.

How to set-up "MX records for Google apps" or "Google apps Mx records" or "Godaddy MX records for Google apps" or "Google apps mx records Godaddy"

Below example is for godaddy but you can use the same procedure for entry of MX records setup for any of the domain name service provider.

1.) To set up the MX records in godaddy or any other website first you have to login in to your account launch the site and go to your Domain Manager.

2.) In Domain Manager locate the DNS Manager and click on the Launch button as shown in below image. (Below image is for godaddy, you can log in to your respective domain manager & open the DNS records to edit them.)

mx records for google apps

3.) Now when DNS records open locate the MX Records & note each MX record on paper before make some modification in it. Usually godaddy account show only 2-3 mx records but it varies for different service provider.

4.) After note down the MX records value delete all the MX records since these MX records are for godaddy to receive the mails in godaddy account. Now you have to add MX records for google apps and they are as below :- 

mx records for google apps godaddy

5.) See the above example and click on quick add and start filling the information in each block. Total 7  MX records you have to enter.  Priority is either 10, 20, 30 , 40 & 50. Google apps use 10, 20 & 30 which are highest priority. Please note that in "HOST" field enter your domain main ( or as register with godaddy.  since www & with it make difference.

Note the "" automatically changed in to @ as you hit the save zone file.

Seven records as below which you have to fill and the press the save zone file :-

Priority              Host                                    Points to                             TTL
     10                              1 Hour
     20                      1 Hour 
     20                      1 Hour 
     30                            1 Hour 
     30                            1 Hour 
     30                            1 Hour 
     30                            1 Hour 

Don't Forgot to change the with your domain main & press the save zone button. Final MX records entries looks like as below:-

google apps mx records godaddy

6.) Final MX records looks like above image , compare your MX records entries with the above image if both are same then you are done. It can take up to 48 hrs but usually it will start working in 15-20 min or between 2 hrs.

Now you can receive and send emails. We request you to please share your comments or give suggest in regard of setting the MX records.

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