Google Adsense Pin not Received Pin Verifcation Alternative Methods

Now a great news for you all you can now not only request to reissue your adsense pin, you can also verify your account with scan copy of your government issued id card or scan copy of your passport.

New Adsense publisher may face thise issue that they are not receiving the adsense verification pin since google sent the the pin though normal post to verify the address in your adsense publisher account.

Some times due to bad postal service in your local area or territory you are not able to received the pin even after requesting the pin more than once. Below is the link on which you can request a pin moreover you can attached the scan copy of your government issued id card so that google will removed pin verification hold from your account.

Google send the pin only for address verification and when you attached you government id card they can verify it from your ID card or from your passport copy.

Please note that address on your government ID card must match the same what you had filled in your adsense account. If both are different then please change the address in your adsense account and when hold is removed then you can easily change the adsense address to your present addess.  

You can also verify your address by attaching a scan file of any government issued id card or passport. In that case Google will not send a new pin an remove the hold from your account due to the pin verification.

We request you that if above post help you in some extent then please leave a comment to serve you better and also other adsense publishers.

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  1. can you give the address where it need to be send.

    1. go on the below link, there a form will open fill that form it automatically go to adsense team

  2. I am from Pakistan..My Adsress on Id card is in Urdu Language. Can Google read address in Urdu???

  3. Hi Muhammad,

    As per my opinion, it is a no. But you can give a try if you want.

    May be ur case was handled by Google Pakistan. Otherwise try for some ID in english.