Social Media Buttons For Blogger Wordpress Drupal Joomla & Tumbler

Social Media Buttons for Various Blogging Platforms like blogger, wordpress, drupal, joomla, tumbler, typepad & many more

Social media buttons for blogger post are very important to share your post to social website to get the higher popularity on the internet. To make your post popular we strongly recommend to add some popular social media buttons at each post end so that your blogger readers can share the post to make it popular on internet.

How to add Social Media Buttons in Blogger

From the below tutorial we explain you that how you can add the social media buttons at the end of each post so that users can easily share your blogger post.

1.) Go on   and select your blogging platform as shown in below image

social media buttons for wordpress blogger
social media buttons for wordpress blogger and others
 2.) After selecting your blogging platform proceed for step-2 to choose a style for your website or blog.

3.) After choosing your website style, you can now move to step-3 customize and then select the social media networking sites from standard services to selected services to customize your social media widget.

4.) Now click on Finish:get the Code button and it will prompt for register, if your are not a member of 

If your are not interested in registering on "sharethis" then click on "No Thanks, Just Give me the code" when you click on the Finish:get the Code button

and then choose "multi post" and "direct post" and then it will automatically redirect you on blogger login page. It will asks for your ID & password to automatically installed on your blogger.

5.) Provide the user Id and password and then install it on your blog. 

How to install social media buttons on wordpress 


Follow step-1 and step-2 of the above post then click on the step-3 customize and click on the "automatically setup" and follow the step by step instruction to get the plugin for your wordpress blog.

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