Google Not Indexing My Site New Pages or Stop Indexing My Blog

Google Spider make your site Crawl and Indexed in Google

Recently one of my friend called me that "google is not indexing my site new pages" or has stooped indexing my site and asking for your solution. I told certain things to him and he got the resolution and now same i am also explain here :

Google Bot (Spider) comes to a single page on your website (usually on the main page) and starts crawling your website through linking (from one page to another page). If your website has a good linking then spider will crawl all the pages in one go. On the other hand if your pages are not linked with each other then spider may have some issue with your website & return back after crawling some pages.

google not indexing my site new pages
Google Bot ( Google Spider)

If you are using a blog then you need not be worried about the linking since your all posts are linked properly with each other with "previous" & "next" link at the bottom of every page.

Now the main question comes why Google not indexing the new pages of the blog??

This problem is mainly faced by those people who had recently changed their blog to custom domain name but some bloggers are also facing the same.

For this 1st you have a Google webmaster's account if you don't have the account then you can create a webmaster account on

Google webmasters account is very important to show the behavior and errors about your site. When you make your account then be sure that your domain is with "WWW or non-www" since Google is very particular about www and non-www. There is no such different between the ranking & popularity of www & non-www domain. It only your wish and Google consider them equally.

Ways for submission of Sitemap for the blog custom domain owner.

1.) After create an account add your website & verify your website by any one of the method prescribed there.

2.) Now you can submit a single sitemap to tell Google that how much pages you want to submit.

3.) You need not be worry about creating a sitemap. Since you are using blogger and each blog will maintain their site map automatically. Only few people do not know the location of the sitemap.

4.) Now go to >>Optimization >>Sitemaps and on the right top please select add/test sitemap. Now a window will open and ask you to submit sitemap of your blog or your domain. Now the main twist comes.

5.) if you are using custom domain & have up to 500 post the copy the below link and submit the sitemap:-


The above link is the link of your blog atom page where all the posts are collected one by one & the sequence in which they are post. But an atom page contains 25 recent posts and when we go through above list it shows 500 recent posts. When you are submitting the above link you can see that you custom domain name is coming before this link. When you hit the submit link after entering it you can see that webmaster tool will tell you that how many pages you have submitted and how much are already indexed. It can take from 24 to 48 Hrs to crawl the site completely.

Now the question surely comes in your mind that if i have more than 500 pages then??

Yes you can also submit more than 500 pages also but i a single sitemap webmaster tool can accept only up to 500 link so you have to create a new sitemap if you have more than 500 posts and the site map looks like below:-

After submit the 1st sitemap. Now you submit second sitemap


You can see that in second sitemap the numbers are changed and the new numbers shows the post 501 to 1000 means 2nd lot of 500 posts.

In the same way 3rd & 4th lost like:



Ways to submit sitemap for the bloggers which don’t have a custom domain.

You are not having the custom domain and we also not advice you to submit your sitemap through the above method. A blog has it own sitemap and that site map is also in XML format that are loved by the webmaster tool since XML sitemap have some additional information than the normal site that when the page is recently updated and some misc information. We recommend the below steps to submit the sitemap for blogger.

1.) Follow the Step-1 to Step-4 of above steps.

2.) Now when you click on the add/test site map a pop-up box will open. Now your write only "sitemap.xml"

3.) This is the blogger sitemap and as you hit the submit button you can see that it will submit you all pages and also advice you the status as pending.

4.) In 24 to 48 Hrs your all pages shall be crawled and indexed in the search engine if Google spider not have any issue with you site content.

You can also check after you days but following query in search engine

Please change example with you domain name & don't forgot to add or delete www as per your domain name preference in search engine.

If above post helps you then we recommend that share this post to others help them also to get indexed in the search engine.

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